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 Power Sound Editor Free


Power Sound Editor ScreenshotPower Sound Editor Free is easy-to-use and well-organized audio software to perform various operations with audio data. It helps you transfer tapes, LPs, live performances, Internet radio, TV, DVD, or any other sound source to your hard drive. The software helps protect your valuable recordings - just set the sound source, the recording quality, and volume, then start recording. You can create and edit audio files professionally, by having ability to apply dozens of amazing effects to audio files.


Extreme Ease of Use:

  • Unlimited undo/redo function provide you fully revertible edit
  • Drag-and-drop function helps you open files more easily
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts available for all the editing
  • Waveform window provided for easy visual operation
  • Easy playback to help you inspect the result

Intuitive Recording Function:

  • Make high-quality recordings from any external/internal sound source without limitation of file size.
  • Detailed options for sample rates and channels
  • Recording without silence provided
  • Windows Mixer button to activate the familiar system "Wave In" window
  • Timer record function to specify the starting time

Flexible Editing Operations:

  • Conventional cut/copy/paste selected regions of a sound
  • Bookmark tool and region manager available for discontinuous selections of bookmark and region
  • Mix different audio files into one
  • Select a part of your audio file precisely with the selection tools

Powerful Sound Quality Enhancement:

  • Tons of audio effects and filters to create artistic music
  • Abundant noise reducing solutions to remove unwanted noise and get your songs cleaned up
  • Normalizer and amplifier to help you precisely control the volume
  • A library of format presets enables you to output audio for various devices
  • Resample the original audio material till your needs are met

Wide support range of audio formats:

  • Many audio formats are supported, such as WAV, MPEG (MP3, MP2), Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Audio, Dialogic VOX and Audio Tracks, etc.

CD Burner/CD Ripper/Disc Eraser inside:

  • Audio CD Burner to burn custom high-quality CDs from your favorite MP3s and play them back in your car or home stereo or portable CD player! It is fairly simple to use and just a couple of clicks will get you burning.
  • Audio CD Ripper can extract tracks from unprotected audio CDs and saves them as MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV. Supported CDDB and ID3 Tag.
  • Disc eraser is very quick at removing the unwanted content from your disk

More Useful Functions

  • ID3 tag and very detailed WMA info edit provided to manage your music
  • Text-to-speech engine to get the words spoken and inserted to the audio
  • Audio frequency analysis provided for deep research
  • More to come...

Batch Converter and a File Merger - Upgrade your Free version to Deluxe now and you will get a Batch Converter and a File Merger!


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